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Recommended Browsers for myCourses

Recommended Browsers for myCourses

by Susan Peck -
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    Picture of myCourses preferred browsers - Google Chrom and Firefox   

You will notice after you have logged into myCourses there is a drop-down menu entitled "Recommended Browsers." The drop-down menu contains quick links to free downloads for Google Chrome or Firefox which are the preferred browser for myCourses (Moodle). Also a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox. Side Note: Google updates sometimes makes Google Chrome seem sluggish - Mozilla Firefox does not seem to have the same issue.


Please do not hesitate to place a COA Help Desk/Support Ticket at if you should have any questions or concerns regarding myCourses (Moodle). Choose 02 for STUDENTS and 30 for FACULTY/STAFF.

Have a great day!