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Welcome to myCourses!

Dr. Susan Peck
Welcome to myCourses!
by Susan Peck - Sunday, September 30, 2018, 2:40 PM

    Picture of pumpkins     To log into myCourses you will need an active COA student account:      Image of a Password Text box

Once you have successfully activated your Student account (or reset the password) - double check by logging into your COA accounts - Gmail. WebAdvisor, andmyCourses Image.  Your username and password is the same for all three.  


Note: Due to audit requirements your current semester course(s) will be made available and visible on the first day of your class(es) starting at 12:15am.

Textbook information prior to first day of classes, is available on the class schedule web pages. Locate the class which you are registered and click on "Textbook Info" to get listing(s).