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IMPORTANT - How to Fix Google Chrome Slowness

by Susan Peck -

Hi everyone,

We have heard that some of you out there may have run into an issue with Google Chrome being slow. Here are some possible steps to take to get this app back on track. 

Step 1.  Make sure you are running the most up-to-date version (Version 88.0.4324.190) of Google Chrome. If you are not - update to current version and then shut down and restart your computer.

Step 2. Disabled the Hardware Acceleration? 

a)    Open up your Google Chrome browser.
b)    Click on the three dots on the top-right corner and then select Settings.
c)     Scroll down and click Advanced and select System option.
d)    Now locate Use hardware acceleration when available item and turn it off.
e)    Disable Hardware Acceleration
f)      Exit out of Google Chrome
g)    Open your Chrome again and check if this issue persists.
h)    You may even need to restart your PC.

Step 3. Turn off Extensions you are not using in Chrome - Three dots (top right) then More Tools > Click on your Extensions.  I turned WebEx and anything else I was not using any longer.

Step 4. At this point if you are still noticing Google Chrome being sluggish in myCourses – try doing a Safety Check first to double check your Google Chrome is really up-to-date in an effort to avoid clearing your cache (step 5 below).

a)    Open up your Google Chrome browser
b)    Click on the three dots on the top-right corner
c)    Select Settings
d)    Scroll down and under the Safety Check heading click on check now
e)    If you are asked to update and restart Google Chrome to it! - and then you should be good to go!

 Step 5.  Try clearing the Cache and Memory Storage as well.

 Additionally, here is a link to "How to Fix Google Chrome Slow On Windows 10 Issues"

Hope you find this information helpful and resolves your issue.  Have a great weekend!

Dr. Susan Peck 

Your Input Will Help Chart COA's Future!

by Susan Peck -

Over the next few month, College of The Albemarle (COA) will host a number of one-hour stakeholder meetings via Zoom. Information gathered during these meetings will be used to build a cohesive vision for the future of COA. We recognize that the success of any organization depends on an effective strategic plan, and an effective strategic plan depends on community engagement. (

Please join us and share your thoughts regarding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges facing COA and our service area over the next three to five years. Meeting dates and times are as follows:

  List of days and times for meetings

Register Here for your Community Session or email/call – 252-335-0821 Ext. 2218

To enter the Zoom meeting at your chosen day/time: Go to Zoom and click “Launch Meeting” – Meeting ID: 952 4593 6596 – Passcode: 810605. Note: If you have not used Zoom before you will be prompted to download an interface app first.

New to using Zoom Check out this video!


Welcome to COA's myCourses!

by Susan Peck -

Spring & Summer registration opened 10/26 - schedule a meeting with your advisor today! Need assistance, contact  

To log into myCourses you will need an active COA student account: 

  • To activate your New Student Account or Reset your COA password  - Go to COA's home page  Then click on Student Resources -> and click on (Password Manager) under Activate Your Accounts.  Follow all directions. (Direct hyperlink is
  • Once you have successfully activated your Student account (or reset the password) - double check by logging into your COA accounts - Gmail. WebAdvisor, andmyCourses Image.  Your username and password is the same for all three.  

Note: Due to audit requirements your current semester course(s) will be made available and visible on the first day of your class(es) starting at 12:15am.

Textbook information prior to first day of classes, is available on the class schedule web pages. Locate the class which you are registered and click on "Textbook Info" to get listing(s). 

Recommended Browsers for myCourses

by Susan Peck -
    Picture of myCourses preferred browsers - Google Chrom and Firefox   

You will notice after you have logged into myCourses that we have added a new drop-down menu entitled "Recommended Browsers." The drop-down menu contains quick links to free downloads for Google Chrome or Firefox which are the preferred browser for myCourses (Moodle). Also a good idea to make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome and/or Mozilla Firefox.


Please do not hesitate to place a COA Help Desk/Support Ticket at if you should have any questions or concerns regarding myCourses (Moodle). Choose 02 for STUDENTS and 30 for FACULTY/STAFF.

Have a great day!        

Technical Assistance Is Available

by Susan Peck -
Signing for Help
  • Technology-related questions, visit Tech FAQs or Distance Ed FAQs to find your answers quickly.
  • Technical difficulties activating your accounts or signing into Gmail, contact us via mySupport or click "Help" on the tool bar above.
  • Submit additional technology-related questions/issues, email
  • Submit distance education specific questions/issue, email     
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